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Himalayas Hotel Qingdao is located in the cultural core of Laoshan District, adjacent to Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guoxin stadium, Qingdao Beer City, and about 10 minutes' drive from Shilaoren bathing beach. The hotel is a part of Zenda thumb square, with modern fashion living community, complete catering, shopping and entertainment facilities.
This is a lifestyle hotel and a hotel of Himalayan hotel management group in China. The interior design of the hotel is presented by the famous Australian Hassel design firm, which integrates life style with modern elements and shows the designer's ingenious ideas everywhere.
The hotel advocates the concept of environmental protection, with complete supporting facilities, elegant and luxurious environment. At the same time, the hotel provides restaurants, lounges, fitness center, a large banquet hall, nine multi-functional meeting rooms and other business and leisure places, which is your ideal choice for vacation, leisure and business parking.
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FAQs when booking at Himalayas Hotel Qingdao
  • How far is the hotel from Liuting International Airport?

    Himalayas Hotel Qingdao is 17.5km from the airport.

  • Does Himalayas Hotel Qingdao offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Himalayas Hotel Qingdao?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Himalayas Hotel Qingdao.

  • Does Himalayas Hotel Qingdao have a pool or gym?

    The hotel has a gym, but no pool. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Himalayas Hotel Qingdao have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Himalayas Hotel Qingdao offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Himalayas Hotel Qingdao accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Himalayas Hotel Qingdao accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Himalayas Hotel Qingdao?

    Each costs cny128 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Himalayas Hotel Qingdao?

    The room prices is from cny535, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • aj433
    It's a very good hotel. The facilities are very new and clean. In thumb square, it's very convenient to eat and shop around. It's also very convenient to go to the airport directly to express. Because it's the peak tourist season. There are a lot of people in the hall.
  • GaGaW
    not bad
  • solitude8227
    Just opened the hotel, not bad, emphasis on family type, decoration leisure
  • baby girl
    Hotel is very modern, is indeed the designer, both appearance and internal, simple and trendy to enjoy. the traffic is very convenient, from the Green silver-close, good choice.
  • to-ny
    ?? ??? ???? ?? ? ?? ??? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ?????. ?? ?? ? ?? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ???? ??? ????? ?? ? ???????. ??? ???? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?? ? ???? ????? ??? ????? ??? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???.
  • dadayuan
    Remarkable service
  • canbaobao9145
    Very good ambience of the hotel
  • crystal_yatou
    It's OK, but the side room smells of lampblack.
  • as8895677
    Which is very nice
    Hotel is very new, very fashionable, internal facilities, next to the thumb square, very convenient, better than Sheraton, will be the first choice in the future
  • fanpp
    Which is very nice
  • evandunstone
    The mattress is very comfortable. The shower in room 720 is broken. I can't adjust the direction
  • wru008
    Very good! live of is comfortable! is has features, family room, is spacious, one-second full is landing window, wash between is big, is clean, wash supplies also is easy, United Kingdom incense smoked of brand, mattress pillow sleep of are is comfortable, breakfast also also line, varieties not special more, but environment feel is good, hotel next also has a Mall has supermarket has restaurant, is to beach has paragraph distance, drive 10 minutes's, but away from beach near of hotel bedding will is tide, I not like damp of, HiHotel Ma Laya I feel worth living, I gave five out of 4.9 points.
  • bingbing
    The hotel is not bad. We have upgraded the suite for free!
  • In passenger
    Good in every way, very value-for-money hotel?!
  • cacywang372
    The room is comfortable, convenient for shopping and eating around, 10 minutes to the seaside.
  • cnnaco
    Overall pretty good!
  • liudongli70
    Fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair fair
  • ben1459
    Live has two days, first days to hotel Hou told Hotel no himself of parking, had to himself in basement find has 8 circle, is didn't approach has find hotel negotiations Hou let car stopped in parking slopes Shang, 40 minutes of find spaces end! next of days is in constantly of find spaces. second days night sleep of 11 points was hot woke up has, room air conditioning altogether bad has, has been toss has a hours to morning 12;30 only fix, in this during requirements room front desk promised coordination Hou to electricWords confirmed but, has 10 a few minutes Bell are didn't response, had to again once to front desk phone told didn't room, until air conditioning fix Hou has fast is has lobby Deputy acting, air conditioning fix Hou appeared room, has didn't strength again with hotel negotiations has. third days check out child broke has a glass cup without further ADO lost has 30! due to hotel equipment of reasons effect we of rest are not care has, hotel whether also the atmosphere is does?
  • jolin381868705
    It's really good. Thank you for your excellent service
  • Angus_Wang
    At five-star to of, results is disappointed, completely up not to five-star level. no garden no swimming pool away from urban far these even has, room open window noisy I also can endure, most let people disappointed of is underground parking dedicated elevator that tablets regional, each came in of guest are cover with nose, that unit stench is stand, live has two days, each a thought to access underground garage on has psychological fear sense, husband kept to complained I no selected good hotel, said this is he see had worst of fiveStar, I'm also fed wrong, who would have ... Advantage is not, of course, thumbs up for dinner next and it is very convenient
  • bigbird83
    not bad
  • spiritff
    Very satisfied
  • dwatnudt
    Five-star hotels had no disposable razors, fruit said to be staying at the first night didn't see, also don't understand why one for breakfast, and overall price/performance difference
  • tina_ting
    Decoration is modern, facilities are quite new, so-so
  • cagerla
    It's not bad
  • dybyj123
    The hotel is built according to the five-star standard. There is a reason why it is expensive. From the following aspects: 1. Overall: because it was just built in 14 years, so everything is very new, the design is very novel, more fashionable, modern, very young, in general, it is very clean and tidy. Check in office with apple, electronic signature, convenient. However, the fragrance sprayed in the hall doesn't smell very good, so it's suggested that the hotel change the flavor. 2. Equipment: the equipment in the room is very new. There is a small stereo at the head of the bed, which can listen to music and charge. The big bed is very comfortable, which makes people feel very comfortable. The washing area is very large! The shower room is independent of the bathroom, the wash desk is large, and the dry and wet parts are separated, and the bathtub is very good. This design is more humanized. In addition, the drinks in the refrigerator can be enjoyed for free, which is good! But the variety is less, suggest the hotel to be generous! Put more. 3. Location: (1) it's far away from the city. It costs almost 30 yuan to take a taxi to the city center (didi express is a little cheaper, about 24-26). If you often go to the city center, it's not cheap( 2) The hotel is in Laoshan District, and it costs about 26 yuan to go to Laoshan Scenic Area (it is not recommended to go to Laoshan, for one thing, it is too hot, and for the other, the scenery is general). In this way, you can basically know how far it is from the urban area. We have to figure it out for ourselves. After all, in addition to Laoshan Scenic Spot, many other scenic spots are in the urban area( 3) The hotel is very close to Shilaoren bathing beach. It only costs the starting price to take a taxi (there are many people in the bathing beach, and they are dirty, and there are a lot of seaweed, but every bathing beach in Qingdao is like this). However, the surrounding area of the hotel is still very busy. There are squares, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and so on. 4. Catering: the room charge is 800 + for nearly 900 a night, but excluding breakfast. I think it's really not cost-effective. If it's included, the evaluation will be much better. 158 people are required to buy their own breakfast buffet. There are 198 buffet dinners in the hotel, not recommended. There are not many dishes, but the environment is very good. If you want to have a buffet dinner, it is recommended to go to the buffet dinner in Haijing garden. There are many dishes, good taste, and good scenery. You can buy 228 group customers and return 20 yuan to them by taking part in the CD-ROM action. 5. The last point: the gym of the hotel can be used for free, the space is not big, but the equipment is quite new, it is still a lot. But! There is no swimming pool in the hotel! The waiter said it was still under construction! It's been a year, still under construction? Is this Siao? What about the five-star standard? I'm not satisfied with the lack of a swimming pool!
  • AIwen
    The location of the hotel is not bad, the traffic pressure is not great, and there are a lot of snacks around, but the service is quite different from that of five-star hotels. When I check in, I can't get the electricity from the room card, so I ask the front desk to repair it. When I come back two hours after eating, I haven't repaired it, and my attitude is also very general. Not next time.
  • fyaing
    The mirror on the washstand is leaking electricity. It's electrified. However, the assistant manager of the hotel lobby handled it in a timely manner, and the service was very good.
  • yilin0818
    Great hotel
  • awj9922
  • fangjia1223
    Hotels near the stadium, next to certificate square, and convenient, but plazas closed early in the evening, eat something. the hotel front desk service was excellent, interior space facilities are great! environment and food are good for breakfast, key chefs are very friendly! anyway Super satisfied!
  • Angela0107
    Very good
  • Bruce_Liu
    The room design is more avant-garde
  • feilwooder
    Generally speaking, it's still very good. I will check in every week! Breakfast is a little cold, not too hot breakfast, especially in winter, hot food is very important. Hope to improve!
  • lijiuting
    The room is very small, the hardware is OK, and the cost performance is very poor
  • roy0938
    Good. in addition to the position rather than other good
  • free916
    New hotel location
  • MewWings
    Nice hotel, good service, lived in suites, space is very big, as in the photo
  • e00100559
    That's good
  • doyouwant
    It can't be that Wei did come out
  • dtgaffer
    Nice hotel!
  • ray002
    Hotel rooms are complete, sleep quality can be guaranteed. but breakfast not satisfactory, orange juice is not a bar, coffee, doughnuts and other sweets to eat, fruits in addition to watermelons and cantaloupes, canned fruit instead. in addition, female service personnel if the hotel is not very happy, not laugh. the waiter but it was hard work, help with a smile.
  • baiyun3208
    It's really good
  • sdd1204
    I like the environment and the style very much
  • ailuyou123
    Novel design, is around thumb Plaza, convenient
  • LeafLee
    New hotel still working out the kinks. Clean with a nice contemporary design. We stayed on the 9th floor in a Single King room. View was only of building rooftops which was unexpected and disappointing. Unfortunately, our AC did not seem to be working very well as we couldn't get the temperature below 25, regardless of the settings we used. But we also didn't complain; we just didn't want the hassle. The biggest drawback of this hotel though is the location. If you are interested in just strolling around the city, especially the German Concession area, you will need to get a taxi. And because taxis can be difficult to secure in Qingdao, you may be stuck taking the bus. If you are able to get a taxi, keep in mind that the drive from the hotel to the Zhan Bridge is about 50 minutes and costs about CNY50. I wouldn't recommend casual leisure travelers to stay here unless they have a car. The hotel is a bit far removed from the heart of the city.
  • yirita
    Not bad
  • free_lance
    Very comfortable hotel, good hardware and software.
  • longdeai168
    The environment is very high. The hotel is clean
  • margaret119
    Nice hotel, very new, but has no taste, should be going up in the future is costly
  • BabyJupiter
    Very good
  • yoyo6026
    Good sanitation is good
  • rainycoco
    Hotel is very hard to find, navigation is OK, check-in is fast, enters the room first to see red nails on a Chair, a bit sick, prove clean in place! bathroom black footprints on a white shower curtain, confirmed health up to five stars, bathroom is also very simple, no razor. good sound insulation of the room, double bed size is 1. 2 m instead of 1. 3 meters, but you can put two beds together, HA HA 2. 4 metres of three OK! is worth mentioningBreakfast, compared with other aspects of the hotel is worthy of our praise! suitable for self-driving tour friends.
  • arwentelian
    Bathrooms can be pulled off the shower head not change perspective, two meters in height to wash it, only with large shower head, less user-friendly, shampoo or something will not move, nailed to the wall, is afraid of who took it, damn, sink into the water is not particularly smooth, drunk ... We are two people, only one breakfast is also spelled ... ...
  • NancyWang1
    Personally thought very good ~ ~ ~ new hotel surroundings are nice, new, clean. spacious room with iPhone charging sound easy. types of breakfast a little less. Across from the stadium, ran into EASON concert, unexpected surprise. A taxi is not particularly convenient, doors in Des Voeux Road, taxis need to come out.
  • monica_xin
    Hotel everything is fine, is will travel to Qingdao hotel. thumb Plaza next to eat convenience
  • Martin
    Room very good, service was good, was not much variety buffet breakfast
  • angeljyp
    Service was very good, next time will come.
  • e02473209
    Because we brought our children, we upgraded our room free of charge. This is very good, which is in line with the service of five-star hotels. However, there is no tea at the front desk, and there is no place to take our own tea. It needs to be improved